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Whether you are investing in your first transaction or adding to your current portfolio, you are building wealth like many of the wealthiest people on earth -- by investing in real estate.

Investments in real estate can range from a rental condominium, vacation rental, commercial rental, residential and commercial flips, subdividing land and so much more.

What makes a great investment property?
Todd Sachs - Realtor says, "A great investment is one that builds wealth with several possible outcomes."

Three ways to accumulate wealth through real estate investing:

  1. Appreciation: Rising value through time or improvements.
  2. Cash Flow: Renting for income whereas more income comes in than goes out.
  3. Tax Benefits: Owning investment properties to offset income from other sources.  See your accountant for more advice on tax benefits.

Todd Sachs says if you are just getting started, he will help you with one investment property that is best suited for you.  However, when building wealth as a real estate investor, property investments should include more than one type of real estate.  A well diversified portfolio will give protection to possible downturns.

There are may ways to make money as a real estate investor.  Residential Renovation Flips, Residential Rentals, Multifamily Property Rentals (2-4 units per dwelling),  Apartment Complexes, Office Rentals, Retail Rentals, Land Development, Industrial Rentals, Mixed Use Rentals and Vacation Rentals are the most common.

How to find the perfect property to invest in?
Which properties to purchase with cash or finance?
How to complete a financial and market analysis on an investment property?
How to fully capitalize on your investment?

These questions and more are best answered with the consultation of our Investor Agents here at the Sachs Group of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty.

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Investing in Real Estate