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Richard Thobe has been in the real estate and mortgage business since 2009.  Richard is a Maryland Licensed Realtor and a founding Realtor of the Sachs Group of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices HomeService Realty.  As a Maryland native, he has lived in Baltimore County his entire life.   Richard's geographical areas of expertise include Parkville, Carney, Perry Hall, Essex and Middle River.  One of Richard's best attributes is that he is an expert negotiator.  You'll want Richard Thobe on your side during all of your negotiations.

Luke Bond is a Maryland Licensed Realtor, and believes in working smart to fulfill client's goals.  Making his mark in the real estate business, Luke utilizes new age technologies to bring forth all opportunities for his clients.  Luke has the confidence and the right attitude to help clients make money buying, selling and renting their real estate investments. Luke is well versed in communicating with people, as his work experience includes marketing manager for Eagle Building Services, a family owned business where he has worked for more than 10 years.  Growing up just north of Baltimore County in New Freedom, Luke is also very familiar with the area and is ambitious to grow his field of expertise.

Todd Sachs - is a Maryland Licensed Realtor, and has been in the construction and real estate industry since 1989. Todd is currently the President and CEO of Sachs Development Group, Construction Services Incorporated, Botanical, Inc. and is the founder of the Sachs Group.  For more than 25 years, Todd Sachs has been developing, designing, building and selling a broad spectrum of real estate in Maryland.  As a Maryland  native, Todd grew up in Baltimore County and he understands the Maryland real estate industry from all aspects ranging from commercial and residential land development, condominium development, residential and commercial flips, industrial and office development and rental properties of all types. Todd is a landlord of both commercial and residential properties and is currently developing retail condominiums, building commercial buildings, single family homes and flipping residential properties.  He understands how and what it takes to be a success in the real estate investment industry.