The New Office Space - Shared Office Space

Co-Working office centers and executive style office suites continue to become more popular and is becoming the new desired workplace for companies and employees around the United States.

This new trend is most popular with independent service providers, freelancers, tech start-ups, and small and large businesses alike.

These new Co-Working centers offer creative, turn-key work space that don't require long term commitments, and allow people to operate temporary work hubs that can be rented by the hour, day or month.

Examples of the service and costs could range from as little as $45 per month for flexible access, $300 per month for a desk or $550 per month for a private office.

Co-Working office space typically offers fully furnished offices and other types of work space environments. They enable individuals and companies the ability to rent desired space as needed, eliminating the need for long term leases, utility agreements, security deposits, office equipment leases, internet service contractors and the like.

Many predict within the next 10 years, most of the workforce will consist of independent contractors, replacing the traditional employee type workforce.

Technology is also changing the office landscape. As technologies continue to experience explosive growth, the workforce is able to conduct business remotely.

Corporations are downsizing, employees are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with traditional jobs, and long commutes. New online marketplaces are making freelance (subcontractor) talent easier to find and more cost effective than traditional style employees.

Most of the workforce changes are being driven by the Millennials (those born between 1982-2004). They demand technology and dislike the old school desk in the private office environment. They typically desire a more open space with smart technologies in the work place.

If you own office space, you need to consider retrofitting and outfitting your space to accommodate this changing trend. Sachs Realty is experienced to assist you in making your space desirable and getting your office leased. One of the companies we work with is WeWork. You may visit them at and contact us for more information.

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