Sometimes we are asked, "Should we get our house appraised to establish the selling price?"  Although this certainly takes a great deal of pressure from your listing agent, professional real estate agents can value your home's selling price.

Sachs Realty's qualifications - At Sachs Realty, our agents have access to the same information (comparable sales data, MLS data and tax records) that the appraiser uses. But typically, we know your neighborhood's market better and we may have even previewed (been inside) your homes “comparable.”

It won't matter to your buyers -  They'll want their agent to review recent sold prices similar to your home as well as what's available for around the same amount of money.  A seller purchased appraisal is often viewed as biased, no matter how valid and accurate it may be.

The buyers’ lender will not accept your appraisal - Lenders will always order their own appraisal. They will only trust a list of appraisers that they have previously approved.

In today's mortgage climate, the lenders required appraisal is a major reason for transactions not settling. For this reason alone, it's extremely important to have a knowledgeable listing agent from the start.

Additionally, in today's fast changing real estate market, newly sold comparable can render a seller purchased appraisal "obsolete" rather quickly.  

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